Rose Bowl

In 9 years of wedded bliss, Matt and I have watched about 4 football games together. That’s right, I said 4, all of them featuring none other than




He’s always touted his preference for actually playing a game rather than just viewing.  He even complained once when I wanted to watch the NBA playoffs.  I know!  


Before, he watched grudgingly, annoyed by my complete loyalty to a team made up of men I’ve never met.  He once actually cheered for the other team- OU, to boot, and I thought the patrons might throw him out of the restaurant.

Oh, the shame of that day is still too much to bear!


Since then he’s come a long way. Tonight his demeanor shows progress of such marked improvement, I have cause to believe The Rose Bowl 2010 marks the beginning of a new era.


Tonightmy husband sat in a position I imagine most wives observe, but that until now has been entirely absent from our home. There he was, leaning slightly forward, hands frequently gesturing in disbelief, despair, excitement.  Up he stood; down he sat, wandering in and out of the kitchen with various snacks.  Tears fill my eyes with pride even as I type.  Always a source of joy to me, Matt has again won my heart. I thought to myself:

He’s reformed!!!


Still, I have to admit, we must work a little on the lingo. By the 3rd quarter I knew this post must be written, and so without further delay, here is a list of things I overheard Matt say during the UT/ Alabama game:

  1. “Alabama is, like, ruthless. They’re like the lamanites


  2. “He lost his helmet! Have you ever seen anyone lose their helmet? Aren’t they, like, strapped on???


  3. It’s like volleyball. The ball just goes back and forth, from N zone to N zone.


  4. In response to my question after his 50th trip into the kitchen: Matt, do you realize you’ve been eating nonstop for the last two hours? He tells me, “I can’t stop! I just get so worked up!”


  5. Observing Alabama’s performance during halftime, he wonders aloud, “I think it would be funny if those cheerleaders switched uniforms with that marching band.”


  6. “I smell a disaster.” – A disaster, I ask as I raise an eyebrow in question?- to which he responds, “I just get a bad feeling sometimes when they set up like that!”


  7. Are they allowed to rush every time?


  8. “Remind me if we’re ever passing through Alabama never to look those football players in the eye. Those guys are scary.”


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