Commercial Break

I’m working on something.  It’s giving me goosebumps.  It’s leading me to self discovery and making me a better writer.  But it isn’t ready.  I keep thinking I’ll push “publish” any minute, but all morning, something inside me says, “Not yet,” and then it gets better.

So come back later today, but for your trouble, I share another of the gems I found while wandering the wide webisphere yesterday:

Kate Spade Tribute

Over at Girls with Glasses, Brooke White (of whom I have long been a fan) and Summer Bellessa remind us with a sweet music video that we are all valued and needed.  There, you will find the promise of hope in the midst of sadness and despair. 

If you need more of that, here’s another talk/ sermon that acts like balm when I feel like my heart is raw:

Sunday Will Come


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