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At the risk of reading in a vacuum, bloggers spend a lot of time reading each other’s work.  I’m new to this, but am finding that there really is no shortage of beautiful musings out there, and I’m excited to share a few I’ve enjoyed this month.  Happy reading!  (And please reply to let me know which ones you loved the best.)

God and Reality

A friend of mine who lost a loved one to suicide commented in church the other day that her “heart is currently being reconstructed.”  If you’ve ever had a “reconstruction” of the heart, check out this post, an ingenious illustration of how we meet with challenges that test our faith.


This blogger is the parent of a child with Down’s Syndrome. For all of us joiners and leaders out there, it subtly explores our “capacity” to participate.  I have a lot to say about this, but I need to think first, and I love the way this blogger phrased some of the same feelings I have had myself.

Mister Dude

Do you ever look up and feel overwhelmed at how fast your  heart expands with joy  when kids reach new milestones? Read this post about being the parent of a boy who is coming of age.  (It made me cry.)

How to Survive Parenthood

This post brings the funny, and reminds us all that parenthood is a tall order. Maybe you have used some of these strategies to survive your own journey.  Maybe you will hit “reply” and tell us your own?


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