Family Council

In Austin, I knew this wonderful paragon of a woman, Leah Prince.  Together, we served the children of our congregation, and I treasured her friendship.  I think she had 9 children (though my memory may deceive me), and whenever she spoke about motherhood, my ears perked up.  In the thick of parenting, I can’t tell you how many times I have searched my memory for her advice.

Once in a class she taught, she told us, “You have to find the glue that will hold your family together.”  She was talking about the little traditions, activities you share regularly that will draw you close to one another in joy and comfort.

For our family, Family Council makes up some of our “glue.”  Every Sunday, we hold a family meeting.  We try to keep the meeting to 35 minutes, which is still a stretch for our 9 and 10 year olds, but as with all things, it’s a work in progress.  Our agenda is simple, and we rotate roles every week.

Anyone can add to the calendar or protest an activity, and anyone can bring new business to family council.  I love this because it gives the kids more of a voice in our family and more control over how we spend our time together.  I also love that we have a time and place set aside to manage problems while they’re small, so that they don’t grow too big.  AND that kids are just responsible for finding solutions as Mom and Dad.  Below is our Family Council Meeting from Sunday.

Does your family have a family meeting time?  Is is scheduled or informal?  What do you love about the way YOU work together to keep things running smoothly?  Let us know!

Martin Family Council 6/25

  • Conducting (Eliza)
  • Opening prayer (Dad)
  • Celebrations (Everyone- 3 minutes)
    • Our family getaway weekend was soooo good!  Manti Pageant!  We saw our friends, the Cluffs!  Four wheelers were fun!  Paddleboats are cool!  Airbnb accommodations rock!  Popsicles and sprinklers under the trampoline are fun in the afternoons!
  • Last Council Notes (Sam- 2 minutes)
    • celebrated night games and camping
    • approval given for snakes as pets *if they are cared for by hand other than mom’s and if suitable accommodations can be made in the garage and if said snakes are purchased solely by their new owners and caretakers
    • Mondays are deep clean days, Wednesdays are for bedrooms
    • Keep 1 cup all day by the thermos- put a towel under the spigot, and don’t clear away cups until we do dinner dishes
  • Weekly Calendar (Levi-10 minutes, but it often takes 15)
  • New Business (All- 15 minutes)
    • When will we see Incredibles?
    • Our Must- do’s must be done by 12:30 this week, because 3:30 isn’t working for mom.
    • Brush your teeth!  Gross!
    • Next camping trip needs to be scheduled
    • Levi’s week for a date with Mom
    • Bring to next week’s council:  3 ways you would like for someone to serve you.
  • Closing Prayer (Eliza)

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