After years of hoping and wishing and disappointment, we were beginning to accept that our family might be complete. It looked like 3 kiddos would make a full nest, and we were blessed with great kids, after all, so we really couldn’t justify being heartbroken. But all that changed when we learned we were about to receive the best gift I have ever known- a caboose.


For the weary Mom Warriors out there, a caboose is different. People line up to entertain this guy, which means I have many more shower opportunities, and making dinner is often possible without rounds and rounds of tears. Having a baby AND a 12 yr old means I can go to an appointment with one kid and not have to interrupt a nap!  She’s very sweet with him…


In short, the stress of a new baby falls away, and instead, we have a new toy. It’s like Christmas all year long!


Also, he’s learned some new tricks- like feet grabbing:

Rolling over:

And holding toys:


We mostly just sit around trying new things to make him laugh because we can’t get enough of this little caboose!

Can you even stand it?


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