RIP Stewart- we barely knew ye

Saturday, Matt took the big kids to Orem Days, where Levi won a goldfish and fell in love. With some help and some close calls, this boy carried the fish for hours in a ziplock baggie until he brought it home the meet me at 10pm, beaming from ear to ear.

He lost no time before recounting his triumph, then devotedly explained Stewart’s needs – a tank, some food, maybe some friends…

(I suggested a glass bowl and bedtime.)

The next morning, I was sure to go down the stairs before him to check Stewart’s vital signs. All was good, but Stewart had no interest in the food and seemed to move very little for a creature that’s meant to swim 24/7. Sadly, he took a turn for the worst by dinner, and was belly up by dessert. Levi tried very hard not to show any tears when he told us Stewart was gone, but I could see his heartbreak.He buried Steward in the yard under a lovely marker. RIP Stewart… That boy sure loved you, even if the relationship was brief.

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