Like a Broken Vessel


A wise, kind soul once posed this question, “How do you best respond when mental or emotional challenges confront you or those you love?”

How we answer this question is personal and unique for each of us, but his article offered some anchoring for me.

Maybe the news this week has you down.

Maybe, like, us, your family has been touched by suicide, and your heart aches for the families that just entered the ranks of suicide survivors.

Maybe you struggle with suicidal thoughts yourself.

Maybe you lost someone in the wave of suicides this week.

If any of the above maybes are true, maybe this talk can help you the way it did me once? And if you need to comment or reach out in email or we’re friends and you want to take a quiet walk or maybe talk a bit, I’m here.

Elder Holland’s remarks about mental illness and suffering helped me see my mom’s struggle with fresh, more compassionate eyes.

I hope you clicked and found an anchor yourself. May God bless and keep us all…

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