Hello November (Maybe 2012?)

I LOVE October.   October marks a grand transition in Texas.  Here, as October unfolds, infernal heat gives way to temperatures that don’t induce psychosis, and the holiday festivities commence.

This year my primary friends (churchgoers 3-11 yrs old) gave a swinging presentation.  They played chimes to the song, “Stand for the Right;”  they signed the words for “I Love to See the Temple;” and they shared such simple feelings about God and Jesus, about scriptures and following their hearts, and my heart swelled with pride and gratitude.   I’m so thankful to know them, so blessed to work with them, so honored to have them teach me.

A week later, we swung by our annual Hogeye festival, where we were blessed in a different way.  We explored a fire truck, met a pig, and even met the creator of Priscilla, our pink friend with whom we can’t resist having our photos taken.

Hogeye 2010

We left with fall on our clothes, and a trinket or two for the babes.- Thanks, Aunt La, for the girls’ bracelets, and for trimming Eliza’s down to size.

That Harvest Fair we plan for our neighborhood?  Pretty good, if I do say so myself.  Big hits- needle in the haystack and Scottyroo!  Don’t ask me how late my kids were up that night.

All the kids trick-or-treated this year.  Of course, I claim that our kids were the most adorable creatures traveling the sidewalks of our neighborhood.

And now… welcome November.


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