The toilet paper’s behind you (and other nuances)

Samantha spends hours playing house. The other day I watched her lay a shawl over the play table, and sneak a candle from my room for a centerpiece. How does she already have better taste than me?

Maybe every daydreaming girl underestimates the lightning fast reflexes of a savage 1 yr old, the stubborn resistance of the slightly larger middle child, and the exorbitant amount of time one will engage in compulsive swooping to snatch writing utensils and liquids just. in. time.  Still, it was never my heart’s desire to have my mop greet guests at the front porch, or that my kitchen chairs would double as childproof trash can holders.

There are only two principles of design I’ve employed in recent years:

  1. toys down low, electronics up high
  2. ALWAYS close the bathroom doors

Really, who can be bothered to consider Feng Shui when the routine that ensues after one failed swoop can occupy Mom and toddler for the rest of the day?  Each time I host, I pray my guests will be forgiving, especially those whose feng shui seems to be in full swing.  I’ll ask for their opinion soon enough.  I’m working on improvements…

I’ve been to Ikea.

I now subscribe to the likes of Better Homes and Gardens and Real Simple.

I’m organizing, throwing out, measuring, pricing. I’ve perused color palates, stacks of design books from the library, and salivated on Pinterest. I learned to use the drill- hung curtains and a mirror! (Ikea, baby.)

And as of today… visitors will no longer search in vain for toilet paper which has been strategically placed out of 2 toddlers’ reach!!!

**special thanks to Matt’s mom, who commissioned hanging the holders while I iced my back.  (Did I forget to mention I’m laid up?)

***In other news- Last week I woke up to an older Levi. I wanted to cry. The toddler that was Levi is gone, and this body now walks around answering to his name.

One comment

  1. This is really funny. It made me laugh because its sooo true (I’m totally sympathizing with the scenes you painted with your words… having my own 16 mo old right now. She comes up behind me as I’m putting something away and pulls it back out after I’ve walked away.)
    I like how your house is… its REAL. Buts its always just in us to try and beautify everything and make it our own.
    It always brings a smile to my face when I think of Leah Prince (mother of 9) arriving at my house slightly early for a meeting (and therefore everything wasn’t quite picked up!) she walked in and I heard a contented sigh from her and she said out loud, “this feels like home.” She was perfectly comfortable in the chaos.
    I wonder if we’ll be like that someday?
    I really like your curtains… I thought they were new, I just hadn’t been to your house in a while so I wasn’t sure.


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