NOT for Justin: Baby Planning and Baby Having

There is this book I return to over and over…

I’ve been debating about whether to share it with you.

It’s not a book so much as a guide… but I think it holds the best kept secret in the modern world.  Ready?

Weschler’s Taking Charge of Your Fertility is your own personal manual on baby planning. Here’s what it looks like:



Just for now, though, we’re going to mostly ignore the fact that Weschler’s information has helped me get pregnant. (Even thought it has- and good luck to you if that’s your wish). But because this is my blog, and pregnancy is not my goal for today, let’s talk about… Natural Family Planning.

After Eliza, I was pretty nervous to try this out, but past experience assured me I should never again subject poor Matt to the psycho that is me on hormones. Also, other options were… well… incompatible.

Turns out, “Take Control” delivers.

I no longer rely on methods of birth control that I’m not happy with (though I do recommend some sort of…backup… while you’re learning). Also, I never wonder if I’m pregnant.

It’s entirely empowering.

So- Read it. 

Even if your current method works well for you.

Because it’s like preparedness.  This book will teach you how to read all the signs if ovulation overpowers your pill, or if you have cause to worry about an untimely… umm… device malfunction. 

Knowledge is power, ladies, and this isn’t the kind of power you refuse.

Sorry, Justin. Write me something witty about football, and I’ll post that next week.

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