Dear Justin

I just want you guys to know how much we care about you, and how thankful we are for your help with the Meet and Eat.  I wish there was something we could do for you.  Oh, wait!  I’ve got it!

You guys have us for Christmas, and I know how hard it can be to find exactly the right gift…

So I’ll share with you my our Amazon wish list! Just go to the Amazon home page, click wish list, and enter my email address. Then you’ll see just exactly what we’ve been hoping for.

Like this little invention:


It may look like just a water bottle, but if you visit my list, I think you’ll appreciate it’s special-ness.

Please. It was nothing- really- you don’t have to feel like you owe me. If you really want to give back, you could always return the favor by making a wish list of your own. You know, to help me out when I’m ready to buy your Christmas presents.




p.s.  I almost forgot!  The one thing not on my list is an upgrade for this blog- because wouldn’t it have been nice to hear James Taylor croon Fire and Rain while reading that post? 


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