Up too late

Quick note for my journal this morning-

Reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula while up all night doing breathing treatments might just warp your thinking.

Like when Eliza broke her bowl after dropping it from the high chair, and and my only thought was:  Oh, good.  Now I don’t have to wash it. 

I will say Dracula makes for a quite thrilling read in October!


  1. “Oh, good. Now I don’t have to wash it.” Does that mean I can get out of doing dishes simply by breaking them , and if you say yes can I quote you on that when Janae yells at me for it?


  2. Well, if you want to stay up all night doing Levi’s treatments, that might qualify you to break my dishes… For the sake of preserving good rapport with my sister, I have to decline giving you permission to break hers.


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