Miss you

Have I ever told you, little blog, that you’re my favorite blog? 

Oh, come, now; don’t be angry.

Sometimes I have to go away a while, but I’ll always come back.

You were worried I’d forgotten you?

NEVER! Oh, I could never. Every night I think of you, and the wonderful posts we’ve shared, of what I would write if only…

Please.  Let me explain…

It started with a little email. “I’d be happy to step up if no one else is interested.”  No one else was.  Of course.  I had just agreed to chair the recreation committee for the HOA.   I got wise fast, and recruited Matt to co-chair, cause he rocks at events. You should see him in action.  I think he’s totally hot.


How much time could it really take to organize an event for a neighborhood with 600 homes? 


You know me- my uncanny knack for getting in over my head, my passion for a cause.

But I digress.

Besides taking a sink hole of time, this new responsibility meant a LOT of typing- there went my circulation.  Again.  (If I were the sort of person to us expletives, this is where they would go.)  So I’ve had some more trouble with my hands and arms. This makes for interesting correspondence- and very little blogging. 

Oh, but little blog, there’s more.

I’ve been babysitting. I really wouldn’t be entirely me if there weren’t a few extra kids around tugging on my pants leg, would I? Our family is caring for a couple of little ones during the week- about 4 days a week to be specific.  So you see- sticking kids in front of the TV for our meaningful trysts hasn’t been so opportune.

AND  It’s program time for primary (that’s Mormon code for: Once a year, the children do a presentation for the Sunday service, talking about what they’ve learned in their lessons that year). I’m the Primary President, remember? (More Mormon code for the lady overseeing the children’s ministry for kids 18 months to 11 years old). Fun times- But I really think with sister Thomas’ and Sister Hydrick’s help this year’s program is gonna be sweet.

I’ve been so busy, I didn’t even reread Richard Peck’s Long Way to Chicago (good enough youth fiction, but not the kind of literature that takes high priority in these kinds of times) for August book club.  I didn’t even go to book club in August- or September for that matter…. even though they were discussing Rebecca by Daphne De Maurie.  I did re-read that one- cause it’s AWESOME!

I digress again. But, blog, this is where my heart is.  This is where I long to spend my time (you know, my 2 free minutes a week).  I’m sorry you’ve been lonely. 

How’s about this- It’s conference weekend- I’ll park it on the couch, write as long as these hands will allow (when I’m not listening to the stuff that makes my heart feel whole)… and we’ll get all cozy again. Whaddya say?  Am I forgiven?

One more (My Sam before her face paint):

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