Top ten things I learned at my last HOA meeting

1.  Nobody likes the bylaws.

2.  That’s good, cause it will take 90% of all homeowners to change any bylaw.

3.  The best way make your HOA awesome is to get involved, so join a committee.

4.  There are relatively no functioning committees.

5.  That’s okay, because even though hundreds of people turn out when there’s an event with prizes or free food, only 5 want to be part of a committee anyway.  Nobody wants to chair one.

6.  One functioning committee will start giving away prizes or free food at planning meetings as a desperate attempt to boost participation.

7.  The best way to solve common neighborly disputes is to call the police.

8.  If you want something done quickly, do it yourself.

9.  If you do it yourself, you might get sued.

10.  It really is possible to talk for 2 hours about mowing lawns no one wants to mow.


  1. Hmmm, I have a few thoughts on that meeting as well….

    1. I’ve never known anyone who liked any bylaws.
    2. I re-read the bylaws, and it actually only takes a majority of a quorum of homeowners to change the bylaws. A quorum consists of 10 % of homeowners.
    3. Too true.
    4. Again, true.
    5. Ditto.
    6. Ditto
    7. The gentleman in question was bringing up problems that the police had to deal with, the HOA does not own the roads or who park on them.
    8. And even then, it may not be done quickly when you must deal with others.
    9. Something I am all too aware of.
    10. I think it was worse last year.


    • Readers, meet Kitty. Kitty is our HOA V.P.

      You should be so lucky to have her for your HOA. Not only does she actually live in the neighborhood, she’s responsive to homeowners, and thorough to boot.

      I can’t tell you, Miss Kitty, how happy it makes me that only the majority of a quorum is needed to change a bylaw.

      Oh, the possibilities.

      Thank you very much for your time and service.


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