Fancy Nancy, meet our readers. Readers, this… is… Fancy Nancy. We hope you’ll love her as we do. Completely.

You can’t go long around here without knowledge of Fancy Nancy.

When the library posted a flyer announcing their Fancy Nancy Soirée, I knew I had the perfect opportunity to give it my best with my oldest.  You know- cause it’s been a while.  So I went all out.


I spent that afternoon secretly turning our bathroom into her dressing room, hanging a few of her dresses arrayed with corresponding accessories, hair options, a little body spray… It was a hit:


Here we are before departure:

 I might be biased here, but she really was the belle of the ball- well, soirée anyway.





A special gracias to Ms Melinda, our children’s librarian, who not only planned the magnificent evening, but made the most amazing white cake I think I’ve ever tasted.

Thanks to my little bug for the lovely evening.


To everyone else out there- Au revoir…

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