True to Form

I should probably save the excuses

but I’ve been using them to reassure myself…


Between the round of croup that invaded mid December, and a family wedding one week before Christmas, here is a list of things I meant to do, but never accomplished. I’m calling it my post-Christmas card. (Notice the family picture below) I’m sure next year, well, you know….

  • Prepare family photos as gifts for all grandparents (this one required actually taking a photo in time to send one)
  • Bake goodies for neighbors and friends
  • Print out a recipe to accompany goodie plates to neighbors and friends
  • Pot blog update for December
  • Visit some women from church and let them know I’m thinking of them
  • Sew blankets for the twin boy preemies who are now home from the hospital
  • Hem my neighbor’s maternity jeans
  • Organize our music downloads (why this was on my holiday to-do list is still a mystery even to me)




Happy New Year!!!


For those of you who expected a post like this (and probably have your doubts about next year)- you can just
keep that to yourself.


  1. What a great family picture! Sam looks like she’s about to set off to conquer the world. Or make it a better place or something.


  2. I’ve always thought about doing a family newsletter during the summer–there is always so much going on during the holidays that I can never fit that in too. Oh, but that has never worked out either…
    Love the picture! I can’t believe how big your kids are getting. Samantha looks especially grown-up.


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