Thumbs Revisited


There’s #3 loving that thumb…

Thumb-sucking is old hat around this place.  When Levi (#2) came out attached to his thumb, we made mention of thumb-sucking perks (see the original post here), but at our last dentist visit, we discovered the fleeting nature of thumb sucking bliss.  That’s right- the dentist gave us “the talk,” and said it was time to think about kicking the habit.  We wrung our hands thinking this was gonna be rough.

Rough, shmuff!  That kid was amazing, and we are now pleased to announce Sam’s success!  A friend at church (thanks again, J.) told us how the “mitten method” worked for them, so I gave it a go.  (I should mention that Sam was a surprisingly willing participant, and her commitment is probably unique.) 

A first, she wore the gloves 24/7.  Then we only used the glove for bedtime (and the occasional movie).  After just 2 weeks, the gloves were off, and the thumb was out for good.  We only had a couple of late nights, and I was shocked when she never took them off to sneak her thumb in.

So…if you’re anything like my friend Tiffany, recently discovering the joys of having a little thumb sucker (her article, Confessions of a Thumb-Sucking Convert, will no doubt brighten your day)- never fear!  Enjoy those extra hours of sleep, and when the time is right, a thumb-sucking deterrent that is right for your family may yet be found!

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