The Cake

It isn’t really that I forgot about the cake. Really, how could you forget about that cake? I was simply trying to harness my vanity when I didn’t post pictures of the masterpiece in the same post honoring Sam’s birthday. But now that the birthday has been duly noted, we can proceed with other matters of importance.

Like the cake

I know- it’s a thing of beauty for a first time cake maker (me). Oh, thank you- Yes, I really did work hard (well, I practiced once anyway), and it is lovely. It may seem simple to those of you more expert cake makers out there, but this frog cake will always be my baby.

Note: If you didn’t know it was a frog before reading that last sentence, it may not be wise to share that with me.

Special thanks goes to;

My neighbor Kitty who let me borrow her 8 in rounds when I realized I threw mine out with the move

The YouTube lady who uploaded her handy parchment paper tip (I discovered later that many others know this tip, and that I was just late in the game; just in case you’re late too, I’ve posted it below)

And finally, to my friend Amy, who came to the rescue after 4 days of attempting to simply bake the cakes was proving near impossible while corralling my babies (in other words, she babysat for the morning)

Without you all, none of this would have been possible.

I thought it deserved one more look:

As promised, the YouTube lady-


  1. I love it, it is sooo cute. And perfect for Sam. I haven’t seen her since she was a baby, but everything I have seen of her since then usually involves frogs 🙂 I particularly like the pink polk-a-dot’s.
    I love decorating cakes and had no idea about the parchment paper; thanks for the hint!!


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