Ticket to Ride



With a brother who can’t talk yet, and a baby sister who still eats every 3 hours, Sam gets jipped around here pretty often .  When I saw how much she was waiting, and how little time I was spending doing fun things with her, I felt pretty bad.

It also makes me crazy that she is keenly aware of the fact that Mom is nursing, or in the middle of a diaper change, or putting someone down for nap…  You get the picture.  Like the status of one facebook friend, I was  “tired of saying ‘the first time I ask…”  Sam was pushing the limit big time. 

So I started making tickets.   A bike ride, a walk, singing songs, a treat, a puzzle, coloring, movie time, a cuddle, cooking project, play date, park date…

If I catch her doing something helpful, or following directions promptly, she chooses a ticket.  Every time I have to ask too many times, or the attitude gets in our way, I choose a ticket to take back. 

Now she’s motivated to act when Mom is busy, and I have a tangible reminder to make time for my first baby.

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