When I looked back over the events of the day, I thought I would share.  Is everyone’s life this crazy, or am I just special?

  Today I:

Got up to nurse Eliza at 6:30

Made breakfast

Drew pictures with the kids

Taught Sam to say “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”

Nursed Eliza again

Failed to convince Levi he wanted a morning nap at 10am

Laughed when Eliza spit up, and Levi said, “oh, puke”

Made lunch

Succeeded in getting Eliza down for her first nap at 11:30am

Did a “circle time” for the kids complete with Simon Says, a story, and a few Yoga moves just for me.

Got Levi down for an afternoon nap at 12:30 pm.0908090834

Read scriptures with Sam in her bed, and left crossing my fingers hoping she would nap.

Laid down to catch a little R&R until Levi decided he’d had enough sleep at 1:15 (note:  Sam did not nap, so R&R was pretty much nonexistent).

Nursed Eliza when she woke up for her third feeding at 1:o0 pm.

Took the kids out to ride bikes, and met the new neighbor.

Fed the children chocolate chips and graham crackers to help everyone get through the rest of the day- it was only 2:00.

Called Matt to see when he might be home.

Started organizing our large cabinet in the toy room- got interrupted by the sudden screams of a baby I thought was down for her second nap.

Ran to discover Levi sitting on Eliza inside her bassinet- he was trying to “help” give her a binki.

Sighed with relief when Matt called to say he was on his way home

Went back to the playroom cabinet

Welcomed Matt while the two oldest pushed past me for his attention

Went back to the cabinet until Eliza squawked for another feeding

Nursed Eliza again

Finished the cabinet

Asked Matt to make sandwiches for dinner

Helped Sam clean her room- and my room- and the playroom…

Overheard Sam tell her dad, “Daddy, I’m awesome tired.” 

Had family scriptures and prayer

Put kids in bed

Nursed Eliza- again 

Tried not to notice the last few dishes in the sink

Grabbed a bite to eat with Matt

Typed this post

But before I sign off, and feed Eliza one last time, here are some stats I couldn’t leave out of my account: 

4 batches of laundry (conquered)

11 diapers (changed)

1 clean upstairs (sort of)

3 kids in bed by 8 pm

2 “awesome tired” parents

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