We talk to toys…and bedding…and writing utensils

One strategy that has always worked well for our toddlers is to talk to the toys- toys at home, at church, at the store. 

“Levi- tell the bunny: thanks for letting me hold you.  Stay with your bunny family on the shelf.  See you next time we come to the store.”

“Tell blanket:  stay here, blanket.  I’ll come back for naptime.”  (I can’t believe he does this- blanket is very special).

“Put that baby to bed, Sam.  She’s too tired to go to the park- then we give her a few minutes to tuck baby in and hire a babysitter.” (She couldn’t possibly leave the baby alone!)

“Put those lids on the markers so they don’t dry out waiting for you.  Tell them:  Stay in the box, markers.  We’ll use you tomorrow.”

So we sound like morons, but it makes life easier.  Maybe it will work for your family.

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