Tabletime 1

This first method has been in use for quite a while since it works so well.  We have a “stoplight” picture on our wall near the kitchen table, along with a paperclip that moves to align with the green, yellow, or red circles.  To the side we’ve written three rules:  Be kind, Stay in your seat, Use an inside voice. 

When the children arrive at the table (just Sam, in this case), the paperclip is on green.  When a rule is broken, they are warned; if another rule is broken, the paperclip is moved to the yellow circle, and a child is asked to leave the table for a few minutes until he/she is invited to return. 

If the prodigal child offends again, the snack or meal is over for her/him(yes, even if they haven’t eaten much).  When we first started this, I found myself saying, “We’ll be sure to have a big breakfast in the morning.”  (Sam almost never gets sent away at any other meal, but she’s tired at dinner).

Anyway, this saved us a lot of frustration in our house from saying, “Sit down please; come back to the table please,” etc, etc.  She hasn’t been sent away in a while.

One comment

  1. That stoplight is an awesome idea! I can see myself using that for some other things around our house.

    I had an entry on my blog awhile back about the “candy monster”. Whenever our kids leave a light on, door open, water on, etc. we tell them that the candy monster is eating their candy. That gets them to take care of the problem very quickly! (We are still working through candy from Halloween last year–good thing sugar keeps for a long time.)


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