I like it when my blog is funny, but I also want it to be a record.  When I’m gone, I want my children and grand children to know things about me that will be lost that many years from now.  So here’s something I’ve been thinking about.

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said, “Suicide is like telling God:  you can’t fire me, I quit!” 

I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean.  I thought about this a lot.  I could spend time sharing all the ways I tried to frame this statement in my mind, but ultimately, none of that matters. 

I guess tonight I just wanted to say that Suicide is telling your friends and family they weren’t worth sticking around for, that this life hasn’t given enough back to you for what you put in, and that you aren’t willing to spend any more time here with others that will.

Maybe suicide is a tragic result from illness.  Perhaps it’s something that can’t be helped sometimes, and perhaps for a certain individual it might be the end of a very painful journey.

But here’s what I know:  Suicide is only the beginning of pain for the people who never got a vote. 

I suppose no matter what type of loss is sustained, there will always be anger and guilt, but this is the only kind I know.

Forget what suicide is saying to God.  When your mom kills herself, you can’t help but feel like she quit you. 

My mom quit her friends, her husband, her three sisters, her other three children, and her grand children…she quit me.

  How’s that for self -centered?

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