Papa Bob

I’d like to tell you a story. 




First, I’ll warn you that it might be a pretty boring story, and if you continue to read, that’s your business.


Okay…. So I’d like to tell you why Dad’s family called him “Bubba” growing up, why his friends all called him “Bill” when I was young, and how my brother came up with “Bob.”  I’ll tell you why Dad’s wife, friends, and family now call him “Bob,”  and explain why the man requested “Papa Bob” in place of good old fashioned “Grandpa.”


That is, I would share if I knew.  I honestly just don’t know. 


However it happened, Willard Carlsen, “Dad,” is now “Bob.”  And his grand kids don’t complain. 


Here are some of the fun things we did with Papa Bob when he braved the Texas heat this summer:

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