A day in the life of Levi

Well, Levi was busy this week. 

It all started Wednesday night- Daddy’s out on Wed nights for mutual with the young men in our congregation, so a few things fall by the wayside now and then.  After letting the kids play in the rain,  I hosed everyone off outside, spraying the inside of Levis mouth, too- the little dirt eater.  I even broke out the shampoo so I could skip bath time later.

Then I made the mistake of feeding the boy a bean burrito without a bib.  So here’s how we cleaned that up:

Levi bean bath[1]

That night finally ended, but when Daddy went into work the next morning, Mommy had yet to recover.  Not long after breakast, I hear crying followed by, “help please…(pause)…stuck… (pause)….momma, momma…” Here’s what I find:

Levi stuck

That’s him getting stuck between Sam’s mattress and footboard after performing his new “jump on Sam’s bed” trick.  I think he knows I’m still frazzled from Wenesday, and he’s trying to make me crazy.

He got past the gate later that afternoon.  Found him in Eliza’s swing with her binki:

Levi in swing[1]

You should have seen Daddy’s welcome that evening.

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