“Besties?”  How far behind am I that I just caught wind of this word a couple weeks ago? 

Anyway, this is the best description for a special bond I’m enjoying in my life. 

Our connection may have been formed only recently, but I can assure you that this relationship definitely falls in the BFF category.  Who is this special person, you ask?  Who has me gushing so?  Well, person may not be the right term.  No, my heart has been captured by a new piece of hardware.  Take a look.  Here it is in all it’s glory:



It may look like just a simple gate to you, but this  sturdy contraption closes off my kitchen from my living room.  How did this result in such a mad love affair?  Well, just imagine- I can cook in relative peace (see the hooligans on the other side).


 Eliza’s swing (now in the kitchen) can actually serve it’s purpose.


And best of all, I don’t have to stand near the table while nursing to prevent Levi’s acrobatics from stickifying my newly mopped floor, or worse, producing a concussion. 


Yes, the passion I feel for my new gate makes mewonder if anyone else has an inanimate “Besty!!!” 

Umm…Can  “Besties” be singular, or am I just showing my age now?

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