Loved This Article about Mothering

I discovered magazine articles when I noticed somewhere after child #2 that I was finishing fewer and fewer novels.  An article can be finished in a nursing session; it can inform me, provoke thought, and maybe even entertain.  When youre a reader who spends your day with three people under the age of 4, the article is the way to go. 

 fathers day 016

Anyway, the first article I thought I’d share is one that offers tips to mothers that may help them feel more fulfilled when they’re bogged down in the every-day tasks of mothering.  Here was the tip I most identified with:

Don’t run faster than you have strength

It’s hard for me to feel happy when I’m tired and overscheduled….One thing that helps me is to limit my to-do list to three or four of the most important tasks….I also try not to do too much multitasking. In our family, I’ve found that spilled milk is a tragedy only if I have planned a million activities for the day and am trying to serve breakfast while also checking my e-mail and getting laundry started. Families with young children need space in the day to wiggle. Parents of young children need space in the day to breathe. Emptiness, anger, and exhaustion are not what Heavenly Father expects from or desires for us.”


I love those last few lines.  If you think you might be interested in the rest of the article, here’s a link (the magazine I subscribe to offers their articles free online):

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