Three Years

AR000202Today marks three years without my mom.  Just before she died, I wrote her an email that she never opened.  I was reading it today: 


I know you feel broken beyond repair, that you can’t be of worth to anyone else, but … I thank the Lord you were well long enough to teach me…You taught me to always remember those others would forget, to embrace those no one else would, to respect those who were different from me.”

She did teach me those things.  I hope I remember them well enough to honor her.  Miss you today, Mom.


  1. Is that picture of your mom? Sam looks JUST like her! I’m so sorry you lost her, I can’t even imagine how that must feel. I
    I’m thinking of you!



  2. Thanks for commenting. It is a picture of my mom- Matt and I were just saying yesterday how much Sam resembles her. How are your kiddos?


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