We all had so much fun the last few weeks.  Matt’s family blew in from Utah for a family reunion (here we are there)

Martin family reunion

Anyway, we had company- lots of it.  We made dinner for 20 one night, and scared the security guard at the neighborhood pool when we showed up with that many to swim!  Here’s Sam workin’ on some new skills:


The noise factor was crazy from all those voices.  Kids laughed and ran and wrestled while adults got reacquainted, or in some cases just plain introduced (looks like some new in-laws are in the mix this winter).  We played some volleyball, dominos, and tried in vain to get in a work out or two.  It was good to get together.  Here was this year’s crew:

the fam

Hope we get to see the others next time.  Missed you guys.

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