Welcome to our newest little one.  Eliza joined us very quickly Wednesday afternoon, May 13, 2009 weighing 8 lbs, 4oz.  She was 19 in long, and pretty mad to be out in the wide world.

In case anyone was worried she may not fit in around here, she, too sucks her thumb.  As soon as we catch her on camera, we’ll paste it in.

Eliza succking her thumbIMG01323



Levi loves her the way Elmyra loves kitties.

 Levi and eliza

     See full size image




Sam wants to nurse her, but will settle for a little holding. 


Sam and eliza


If the kid survives her first year in this house, it will be a miracle!  Enjoy the pictures!

the 4 kidsIMG01338


  1. My newest grand-daughter is so beautiful, I cannot wait to hold her. She looks like another Martin to me….


  2. I would love to hear how things went with the labor and deliv. Ty wants to try a home birth, but I still have yet to make it without an Epi. I am giving myself the benefit of the doubt due to some issues, but I still really want to go natural.

    Congratulatioins…she is really beautiful. I haven’t seen you guys since your first was that small. I would really like to change that, but we are years away from having any money. If you guys happen to go to UT or something please let us know – maybe we can meet you over there.


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