long time no write…

I know, I know, what happened to the blog?  We disappeared for a while, but have no fear- we’re back!  Well, the truth is that our house got hit with some kind of bug this weekend.  Matt, Levi, and Sam all fell victim.  This scene explains how I got a little time on my hands: 





We should tell you that the new one is coming in May- a girl!!!  What do you think of the name Eliza?  Caroline?  Got any good middle names?  Comment to let us know. 



Sam is crazy busy, and keeping us on our toes.  I had to do a separate post on her just to fit in all her pictures.  (You can find that below.)  Levi is always making us laugh.  He’s using some signs, but other than “Momma”  and “Dadda”  the boy only grunts.  Classic boy, he’s busy and fast, and just makes mischeif in general.  Sam has taken to calling him “destructo.”  Here he is getting into the fridge:




He’s walking all over the place, getting used to the stairs, and following Sam everywhere she goes.  He’s finally growing, and he recently found his (and everyone else’s) belly button.  Who let that boy turn one year old?  Today is his birthday.  Here’s our little traveler.






A month ago, he had his first cookie.  I love this picture.





Neither one of these kids will stop growing- here they are at one of the parks by our new house.  We have two parks  just a few blocks away, now.  You know your kids are starved for outdoor experiences when they brave 30 degree weather just to go out to the park.  We were there, teeth chattering-  and happy about it more than once.






Here they are playing in our new living room. 


Last one.  Yeah, I think they must be related.




  1. Hey Jaime, congrats on the new house…where is it at??? And Congrats again for the new little one about to join your life. Miss Ya.


  2. I love the picture of Matt and Levi…that is just too precious!

    Congratulations on #3!! We just had #2 and I have to say I am not sure about doing it again – I know I will though. Take notes on how to survive 3 for me – ok?



  3. hey jamie,
    It’s been a while. I love seeing the kids growing. Although they are growing way too fast. Whoa your adding another any day now aren’t you.? Good luck w/ “destructo” and a baby. LOL your crazy. Love you! You better let us know the final name you decide on. “Baby Martin” only works while your in the hospital. LOL- JASON


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