A little more bliss

2009 ikea catalogue

So the 2009 Ikea catalog made its debut recently.  Oh, the joy I felt perusing the pages…

The thing that really makes my heart go pitter patter?  Washable stuff.. couches with removable covers made just for the couch. 

Such a small thing, you might believe- What’s that?   Not really miraculous, you say?  Well, then I’m sure your baby doesn’t shoot sweet potatoes and carrots across the room with an immeasurable trajectory, but with such incredible accuracy that the kid certainly won’t have any need for chemical assistance while reaching for target shooting Gold in 2012.

I thought seriously about moving into the store (I’m sure you’re aware that they have one here in Austin now?)  Really, though, all I need is some dough to start collecting all those must-have items. 

Hey- a girl can dream, right?

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