What $15.09 can buy at Lowes

Last week, I was that lady with the screaming baby in line ahead of some unsuspecting customer. I needed to get some things transplanted, so even though I knew I was asking a lot from my tired little Levi, we stopped by Lowe’s for one last errand.  

In the middle of it all, Sam announced she had to go potty.   (Why is the bathroom always on the other side of the store?)  So balancing a baby on the brink of dispair, I manage to get her wiped and return the child, fully dressed, to the shopping cart.  Back at the plants, we quickly pick out some very nice pots- two 12″ planters, one $3.97; the other $8.97.  

Thrilled to be walking out without spending a fortune, I whisk my little ones off to the parking lot.  We get stuck in a little traffic, but we’re home in time for a quick bath before bed…  And that’s when I realized I left my pots in the parking lot at Lowes.

So while I reccomend these nice planters, just a note:  don’t forget to take them with you when you leave!


  1. My, Jamie, but don’t those pepper plants look nice? I hope you’re praying for the tomato plant- so far, he’s still a lovely looking dud.


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