The question

When we learned we were having a boy, Matt and I went the rounds on a certain sensitive issue.  I broached the subject to Matt one day: “you know we’re gonna have to tell her what that thing is when she sees us change his diaper.”

Matt insisted we didn’t need to name it.  She doesn’t need to know “that word,” he said.  He had such a strong opinion that I let him have this one- I’m the only one who ever has strong opinions around here, so if once in a while Matt has one, well… you get the picture.

Turns out, she never asked- until now.

“Mommy, what’s that?”

I answered per our discussion with a well-prepared answer:  “That’s Levi’s private place.  He has different private parts than you.  He’s a boy.”

“No, what’s that?”  (She’s pointing now).

So I tried again.  “It looks different, huh?  Because you’re a girl, and Levi is a boy.  Those are his privates.”

She wasn’t buying it:  “No!  What is that thing right there?”

I gave in.  “That, Samantha, is a penis.  It’s called his penis.”


So that was it.  I told her.  Now I’ll just cross my fingers and hope she doesn’t mention this new-found information loudly at the grocery store… or sacrament meeting.


  1. Ty is working on studying his anatomy right now (well you know- a book). Anyway; he is having a hard time because I keep laughing at your stories.


  2. Haha, I missed seeing this story when you originally posted it! I love kids’ natural curiosity and forget how as adults we sometimes complicate things.

    We have the opposite situation, with an older boy & younger girl. When potty training my daughter she wanted to stand and use her penis to go potty. Still working out some of those issues…


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