Removing Permanent Marker From Wood

You learn something new every day.  When Samantha covered my desk drawer in permanent marker this week, I was shocked to find out I could clean it up without ruining the wood.I will say, though, that it was comforting to learn I was not alone.  In searching the internet for the solution to our problem, I skimmed down one after another search result explaining how a “two yr old” had come into posession of the permanent marker.  Google it yourself, and see what I mean.  Anyway, here’s how we got it off:

1.  Take toothpaste (not gel), and spread evenly over ink.


2. Wipe with warm rag.


3. See- clean wood!


  1. That is so awesome. Did it come off as easily as it looks? I so need to write that down, I’m sure that will come in handy in a few years.


  2. Wow! Good to know!!! What a good idea, google it! I will have to remember that next time Mason gets into something… which will probably be later today! =-)


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