Mount Laundry

Mount laundry, meet everyone.  Everyone, meet Mount Laundry.   

Much like Katie’s Magic House, Mount Laundry has special characteristics.  These supernatural abilities allow Mount laundry to swell to unimaginable proportions, taking over all surfaces of the household as it changes in shape and size.  Mount Laundry has filled the laundry room, covered the couch, the chaise, the rocker, Samantha’s floor, and all family members’ beds.  We’ve grown particularly close, Mount Laundry and I, in the months since Sir Pukes a Lot arrived.

So you can imagine my concern tonight when Mount Laundry was just this small lump on my chaise.  Was something wrong?  Then I remembered- Matt’s not home. 

So not to worry, folks.  Amidst impending climate crises, erosion, and endangered species, Mount Laundry is doing well.  I’m certain, in fact, that upon Matt’s arrival home, Mount Laundry will resume its monumental stance.

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