Have to Brag

So my husband is in Colorado right now. 

Why, you ask?  Is he gone for business? No.  Is he visting family, maybe? Uh-uh. 

Matt is white-water-rafting this weekend.  Last month, he did a triathlon.  Coming soon:  more information on his spelunking skills.

I love that man.  So maybe the excitement is only by proxy most of the time, but my life wouldn’t be nearly as exciting without him


  1. What!? You’re not allowed to do that stuff after you’re married and have kids…you’re supposed to get fat and do nothing but sit at your boring job all day…or am I doing it wrong?


  2. Haha, I love this picture Jamie. It’s wonderful. I’m glad you love Matt so much, there’s nothing quite like love. I feel the same about my husband…they are keepers! 🙂


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