Growing Things

I’ve been working on some stuff:  Here you can see cilantro, bell peppers, and basil.  The tall one next to Samantha is tomato.  I found out this week at the Sunset Valley Farmers Market that it’s too hot for the cilantro which explains why it insists on dying, so that made me feel better. 

The tomato plant needs more sun, they tell me.  Just water it more, and it should start to bring fruit with the blooms.  Right- if it can survive my care, maybe.  Please pray for my poor plants.  I think they’re going to need it.

One comment

  1. Jamie, too funny. I have planted a tomato plant too! I am excited about it because I am not very good at growing things, seems every plant I have dies…eek. But, I have noticed a tomato on there, you’d be amazed at the excitement MY tomato carries with it. It just thrills me, I get so thrilled to show it off. I have a very exciting life. Smile.


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