Sir Pukes a Lot

 He’s cute, huh?  “Looks harmless,” you say, but I’m not sure if the tithing we’ll pay this month could cover the cleaning costs of his target practice at church.  Today alone he managed to hit:

1 pew

1 small spot of the floor in the chapel

1 grand territory marking spot in the hall (which might as well have said, “Levi was here”)

1 rocking chair in the mother’s lounge (the floor in there, too)

2 sections of sizable floor space in relief society

And finally- he soaked not one, but two cushioned folding chairs in the relief society room. 

This isn’t just spit up people- I think this is a weapon of war!


  1. Hey, I completely understand the puking thing. BOTH my boys should have come with Stanley Steamer stock, they certainly kept them in business! It was to the point with Johnathan that I bought my own carpet cleaner and used it at least weekly on the entire floor because I could not stand to wait the next couple of weeks for the monthly professional carpet cleaning visit.

    On a bright note, it does get better. Johnathan at 2 years and Christopher at about 20 months (he finally had to have surgery).

    Chin up, it is only puke.


  2. Oh man, I hear you. And I am so not in the habit of carrying a burp cloth. That’s what my shirt is usually for.

    BTW, welcome to the bloggerhood as they say. Cute blog.


  3. How awful. Have you had him checked for pyloric stenosis? I can only imagine how it must feel to be christening all those places at the church.


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